Perth is a beautiful city and has something to suit everyone. It is a place well-known for its relaxed and easy going lifestyle, spectacular beaches and parks. From browsing various historical museums and art galleries, to exploring the city’s vibrant cultural spaces, there is much to visit in the city. 

Although there are huge number of options available that can take to or from the airport but none match with the premium, professional and on time Airport transfers Perth services. Travelers can easily reserve a luxury chauffeured car and enjoy sitting back in comfort in their ride.

At Perth Airport, there are 4 terminals located within 2 separate precincts, the T1/T2 and T3/T4 precincts. There are chances that travelers transfer between these terminals. Booking an Airport shuttle bus is the best choice they can make to travel within the budget. These buses are available 24/7 and depart from each terminal every 20 minutes or so. 

However, some common ways to connect & get to and from Perth airport to Fremantle shuttle including Perth city, Fremantle and other suburbs are:  

Transfer between Terminals

Perth Airport free Terminal Transfer Bus operates between (T1/T2) and (T3/T4) 24 * 7 and runs every 20~30 minutes between the terminals.  The bus is quite crowded with travelers as it runs on a set scheduled timetable.  It might not be an ideal mode of transfer after a long exhausting flight as one needs to wait in the queue for the bus’s next run.

Perth Airport Taxis & Sedans

There are many taxis which can be found waiting in their designated ranks at the front of the terminals. Though these are available round the clock but there is a long waiting time. Travelers can book the taxi or sedan but they are well known to be unreliable and not on time.

Public Transport

There are some buses which operate on a scheduled time table  however these are not the most convenient mean of transport after a long flight.

Perth Airport Rideshare

Booking an Airport rideshare via an app is the most convenient option to get to or from the airport. The vehicles would be parked at the respective location located a few kilometers from the terminal and driver will come to collect their passengers.  They will help the passengers with the luggage and meet and greet them inside the arrivals hall.  However, if there is no car available in close proximity to the location then the travelers will have to wait until one becomes available.  So, there is no guarantee of getting pick up on time.

Perth Airport Charter Every traveler looks for the highest of service standards. Private airport transfers Perth services are known to be the most reliable means of transport that guarantees on time pick up and drop off service. The travel services they offer are able to cater towards everyone’s needs.  One can easily pre-book and reserve Perth chauffeur service and enjoy the most convenient, hassle free option.


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