Perth is a prime location for a number of people travelling on a daily basis. Perth airport is a very busy place with people going in and out. Perth airport has a number of terminals leading people to different parts of Australia. Out of the airport there are options of private airport transfers Perth as well as public and private airport shuttle. You can choose what suits you best, convenience over budget or cost effective travel.

About Mandurah city

Mandurah is a city that is located on the southwest coast of the Western part of Australia. Mandurah is famous for the Peel-Harvey Estuary having abundant wildlife and a great collection of migratory water birds. The famous Mandurah Community Museum has exhibits about the Peel region’s history. The Halls Head Beach possess a large resident of dolphin population. In the southern part of the city, the Yalgorup National Park is a home to the thrombolites, rare, rock-solid microorganism formations, at the Lake Clifton.

Travelling from Mandurah to Perth

There are a number of private airport transfers Perth along with airport shuttle Mandurah to Perth. Each of these have their own pros and cons. The private airport transfers provide instant access to transportation and one can easily cut the queue and reduce the waiting and travel time by almost half the rate. But these services come at a cost. These services cost almost double the rate of the train and bus services. Let’s have a look at the rates and other options for airport shuttle Mandurah to Perth.

Below mentioned FAQ will offer you the details that are needed for traveling between mandurah to perth airport

FAQ for airport shuttle mandurah to perth

  • How to get from Mandurah to Perth Airport (PER)in the cheapest way?

The most economical mode of transportation from Mandurah to Perth Airport is to drive one’s own vehicle.

  • How to quickly reach from Mandurah to Perth Airport?

The fastest method to reach Perth Airport from Mandurah is to hire a taxi that is slightly higher on cost but manages decently when it comes to travelling the destination in a short time span.

  • How much far is it from Perth Airport to Mandurah?

The total distance between Perth Airport to Mandurah is 70 kms. Whereas the road distance is around 78.9 km.

  • What are the airport shuttle mandurah to Perth airport options?

The best way for airport shuttle Mandurah to Perth airport is a train as well as a line 40 bus that takes almost 1h 45m and costs average on the travelling budget.

Conclusion Thus it can be seen that there are multiple options for reaching Perth airport from Mandurah. One can opt for a taxi, a bus, a train or even drive by oneself if they have a vehicle with them. Such multiple options make commuting very convenient and affordable.


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