Fremantle is the port city of Perth. It is located at the mouth of the Swan River where it joins the Indian Ocean in Western Australia. Travelers can easily travel in Fremantle via train or car or move directly from the Fremantle Airport shuttle Bus to Perth International Airport.

The shuttle bus service links the Fremantle area with all the domestic and international terminals at Perth Airport.  Pick and drop to the different locations in Perth is always available. One can easily enjoy the non-stop service of shuttles to travel from/to the Airport without changing from one mode of transport to another.

Fremantle to Perth Airport & Perth Airport to Fremantle

Fremantle to Airport shuttle bus operates 7 days a week from Fremantle area to all the terminals at Perth Airport and return. The stops are available on request at Rottnest and Cruise Terminals.  To avoid the traffic, the passengers should plan well in advance in order to reach on time.

Arrival, Delays & Pick up time:  After the landing, one needs to allow minimum 30 mins for domestic and 1h10 minutes time for international flights so that the shuttle can provide pick up.

Local Transport

Buses: Perth’s public bus service also has a free transit zone within the city and provides comprehensive service across the metropolitan area.

Trains: Perth has good train system with five lines: to Armadale in the south east, Fremantle in the west, Clarkson in the north west, Midland in the east and the new Southern Suburbs Railway line to Mandurah.

Taxis: There are various taxis available from the domestic and international airports and throughout the city of Perth. Though these are safe, efficient mode of transfer for delegates and can be hailed on the street or ordered by telephone. The average taxi fare from the airport to Fremantle is approximately $60.

Airport Terminals

There are four terminals at Perth Airport that provide regional, interstate and international air services – T1, T2, T3 and T4. Make sure to check the itinerary carefully or contact the airline as it ensures that travelers go to the correct terminal, as a number of airlines operate from more than one terminal.

Airport and Transport

Both the domestic and international airport terminals are located approximately 32 km from Fremantle.

Through the shuttle bus service, travelers can easily take up the flights in Western Australia. These operate both to and from Perth Airport, the Airport shuttle Perth buses will pick or drop at the desired destination in Perth.

The taxi cabs are at the ground floor of both the International Terminal (T1) and Domestic Terminals (T2 & T3) and cost approximately AUS$60.

Shuttle bus operates to and from Perth Airport’s Domestic Terminals. These buses are available for passengers who wish to travel between both the International (T1) and Domestic Terminals (T2/3) and Perth City or Fremantle.

Bus 37 operates daily between Kings Park and Domestic Terminals (T2 & T3), via the Esplanade Bus Port, Victoria Park Transfer Station and Belmont Forum Shopping Centre. The journey takes approximately 55 minutes.


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