Tavelling is a great way to identify and find out hidden treasures about new places. You will never know how it feels like being in a particular place unless you have personally visited it. To get the real feel of the place, and to understand the local culture, public transport is a great option. But if you intend to enjoy your stay, then luxury travel is indeed a great choice. Today, let’s discover a new place of Bunbury in Western Australia and how the private airport transfers Perth and the airport shuttle Bunbury to Perth operate.

About Bunbury

Bunbury is known to be a port city in the Western part of Australia, located at the south of Perth. Bunbury is known for its wild bottlenose dolphins which often swim close to the beach at the famous Koombana Bay. Just nearby is the well-known Dolphin Discovery Centre as well as the Leschenault Inlet, that has calm waters and a parkland, rich with mangroves and bustling birdlife. The city’s western coastline spans the popular Back Beach and the Wyalup-Rocky Point, having its basalt rock formations.

Travelling in Bunbury

Bunbury can be easily reached from Perth airport. The distance ranging between Bunbury and Perth Airport is almost 158 km. whereas the road distance is almost 175.9 km. There are multiple options for the transit between Perth and Bunbury. There are private airport transfers Perth as well as bus services that provide airport shuttle from Bunbury to Perth. One can easily opt for the option they find convenient and within budget. The other option is to drive one’s own vehicle. The following section will share details regarding the various options, their cost, transit time and distance covered.

  • Cheapest way to reach from Bunbury to Perth Airport – The most economical way to reach from Bunbury to Perth Airport is to drive one’s own vehicle which costs between $16 – $24 and takes almost 2 hours. This is also the Fastest way to reach from Bunbury to Perth Airport.
  • Airport shuttle Bunbury to Perth direct bus – There is a direct bus which is departing from Bunbury and reaching to the Perth Airport Domestic Terminal T3 T4. The services depart three times in a day, and it operates every day. This journey takes almost 2h 40m. It costs anywhere between $16 – $36. The Bunbury to Perth Airport bus services are operated by the government agencies of Australia. The bus departs from the Bunbury station itself for the Perth airport.


It can be observed that the frequency of the bus services is less. Hence, if a traveler has a fixed time of travel which coincides with the bus time, then the bus is a great alternative. But if a traveler is in urgency, then the traveler must either hire a private airport transfers Perth or drive by themselves if they have a vehicle. The bus is on the other hand an economical option. Thus it is up to the traveler to choose convenience or economy.


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