Travelling is a hobby for some. For some people travelling is a passion. Whatever be the reason, travelling has always been a desired option for people to spend their vacation. Among the best places to visit, Australia is a much desired location. From among a large number of places to visit in Australia and sites to see, Rockingham is one of the popular destinations. So what is special about Rockingham and what are the modes of transport in Rockingham? Let’s read on and find out more. 

About the City of Rockingham

Rockingham is a city which is located at the primary centre in the Western Australia, and south-west of Perth city centre and to the south of Fremantle. Rockingham is said to have a beachside location situated at the Mangles Bay, which is the southern tip of Cockburn Sound. To the north of Rockingham stretches the entire maritime as well as the resource-industry installations of the Kwinana and the Henderson. At Rockingham Offshore in the north-west direction is Australia’s biggest naval fleet as well as a submarine base, the Garden Island, which is connected to the mainland through an all-weather causeway. In the west and in the south of Rockingham is the Shoal Water Islands Marine Park.

How to Reach Rockingham

Rockingham can be easily reached by multiple means from Perth airport to Rockingham shuttle as well as Perth airport to Rockingham. Below mentioned are the details of some of the important and major companies that run services that shuttle between Perth Airport, Australia and Rockingham, WA, Australia. 

Various Transport Services Between Perth and Rockingham –

A person can easily take airport shuttle perth WA to Rockingham across the Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn Stand D6, the Carrington St Before Rockingham Rd, the Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn Stand C3 and the Rockingham Rd Before Hamilton Rd in almost 2h 27m.

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus that goes from Perth Airport (PER) to the city of Rockingham. But, there are services that are departing from the Snook Rd Before Ross Dr and then arriving at the Dixon Rd Before Goddard St through the Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn Stand C3 and the Rockingham Rd Before Hamilton Rd. This entire journey, including the Perth airport shuttle requires almost 2h 30m of an individual.

Thus, the above mentioned are the Perth airport to Rockingham shuttle details via bus. If one hires a taxi or has their own car, then they can directly have Perth airport shuttle from Rockingham. The bus is considered to be the most economical medium for commuting in Australia since it is subsidized. Even for the local public, Perth airport to Rockingham shuttle is the most preferred option as it is economical, convenient and quick when compared to other available travel options. 

So, if someone is planning a trip to Rockingham, they are advised to explore the travel options beforehand to avoid last minute hassles. Considering all available options and budget constraints, opt for a suitable transport medium that offers memorable travel experience when in Rockingham.


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