Australia is a great place to travel, and even a greater place to stay. There are many options available for a living. Today in this article we would be discussing about the life in Perth and how the transportation at Perth takes place. 

About the City: Perth

Perth is known as the capital of the Western part of Australia and it is also Australia’s fourth largest city. Perth has a population of almost 1.97 million people. Perth is located at the south west coast of the country of Australia. It is interesting to note that Perth is known to be the world’s most isolated city due to the fact that it is far away from the remaining parts of the Australia. People sometimes find it difficult to remember that Perth is a part of Australia. 

Perth is a bustling commercial and cultural hub. It has designer boutiques on the King Street along with stylish bistros at the Victorian-era Style Buildings. The Rooftop bars serve the local wines at Elizabeth Quay, where the bike paths and the public artworks line up the Swan River. The famous Art Gallery of the Western Australia has Australian painting and photography, whereas the Edwardian landmark is His Majesty’s Theatre that hosts ballet and stand-up comedy programs. There are a number of airport transport Perth services available which connect the different parts of the city to the airport. 

About Fremantle

Fremantle is the port city in Western part of Australia which is a part of the Perth metropolitan area. The city is known for its Victorian architecture, maritime history, and its remnants from the country ‘s days as a British colony. The fremantle Prison, that housed the convicts from the early 1850s to the year 1991. It now features as re-created cellblocks. This 12-sided Round House, is a landmark 1831 building. It had also briefly functioned for a jail. There are multiple airport shuttle Fremantle services available. Let’s have a look at them especially for airport transport Perth. 

About Airport Shuttle Fremantle

The overall total distance to travel between Perth and Fremantle is 16 kms. There are primarily bus and trains that are available for airport shuttle Fremantle. There are even private Airport transfers that offer airport transport Perth. The Fremantle to Perth train services are run by the Australian government agency. The train departs from Perth Station Platform number 7. There even exists Fremantle to Perth bus services, which are also operated by the Australian Government The bus departs from St Georges Tce Stand D situated Before the Irwin St Station. The cost of travelling depends on the mode of commuting that is opted for. A train ride costs anywhere between $4.07 to $5. 06. Whereas a bus ride costs between $4.5 to $6.2. For $9.00 an adult individual can have unlimited traveling been done on all the buses, trains and ferries for the full day. Thus this is a great option for tourists who are planning on taking the tour of the complete city. So go on and enjoy your airport shuttle Fremantle with these travelling options. 


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