Booking an Airport transfer to move in and around Perth, there are few things that one needs to consider such as what time to reach, departing from which terminal, how many bags are allowed? All of these things need to be carefully researched as it ensures the transfer and arrival at the airport as per the plan. Here, are some tips that can help to make a smooth and stress free departure from the Airport to main city:

Reaching the Airport on Time

Plan the private Perth airport transfers in advance. Check with the airline and confirm the arrival time at the airport.  Whether travelling in a domestic or international flight, checking airline for the flight could affect the amount of time that the airline recommends between arrival and departure at the airport. Taking good time in hands can avoid the delays travelers might encounter at check-in and when passing through security checks.

Know the terminal

As there are four terminals located within two precincts, it is recommended to carefully check the terminal number and know from where the flight is departing from. It can be found on the e-ticket itinerary or alternatively contact the airline if unsure.  Planning ahead makes the things work as there is a 15-minute drive between the two.

Travel Documents

Keep all the travel documents packed and handy before heading towards Airport. It includes the e-ticket, photo identification form such as the driver’s license for interstate travel or passport if heading overseas.

Baggage Allowances and Restrictions

While packing the baggage make sure to know its contents as certain items are not permitted to be carried.  Check with the airline and know what all things can be carried and the weightage. As depending on the airline, destination and the class of travel, the weight allowance will vary. Go through the ticket to ensure the weight allowance and know if any restrictions items that are not carried along. 

Know Where to Check-in

Once arrived at the airport, go ahead with the luggage and travel documents to the check-in areas which are located on the ground floor inside each terminal building.  Every airline will have their own check in zone which can easily be located with signage and screens above the check-in desks or kiosks. However, if the checked-in done online traveler needs to drop off the luggage to the bag drop counter or auto bag drop kiosks located within the check-in areas.The final challenge traveler faces while travelling is choosing the best mode of transfer to and from the Airport. It is a good idea to get the Mandurah airport transfers to move in and around the city. These buses are luxurious and offer the comfort everyone looks for in their journey. The driver comes at the pickup point and takes along with the luggage to the respective destinations in quick time. Get a complete peace of mind by pre-booking the Airport transfers Perth today!


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