Perth airport to Iluka transport

Airport Shuttle Perth provides Iluka to airport transfers and shuttle services. Iluka is located in northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia. City of Joondalup is their local council. Providing airport transfer Iluka and airport taxi Joondalup is our specialty. We provide all kinds of pick up and drop off services.

Information about Perth airport and our pick up locations

Perth airport has main five main terminals but there are a lot of regional flights which do not fly from main terminals. So make sure you check your itinerary properly. Here is the list of main regional terminal

  • T1 Domestic Terminal
  • T2 Domestic Terminal
  • T3 Domestic Terminal
  • T4 Domestic Terminal
  • T1 International Terminal

Other regional terminals are Cobham airport terminal, Skippers terminal, Network aviation terminal , Maroomba terminal.

Our dedicated pick up points from airports

  • Pick up from domestic terminal 3 and 4 – Pick up spot is outside Bus Stop B. Located at third lane.
  • Pick up from domestic / international 1 – Once you have collected your luggage then inform us by text or phone call and walk outside then look for Bus Stand K and its located near traffic lights
  • Pick up domestic terminal 2 – Once you collected your luggage inform us and wait outside Zone B

Frequently asked questions by our customers

  • How far from Perth airport to Iluka WA?
    Distance from Iluka to Perth international airport terminal 1 is 48 km if you use Mitchell freeway and Reid highway route however, from Perth domestic terminal 3 is only 46 kms
  • How many maximum people can you fit in your cars?
    One up-to twenty passengers as we have all sorts of cars and vans available.
  • We have a bike or a 6 foot long surfboard or an electric wheelchair can you fit this ?
    Our Toyota Hiace mini bus can fit everything as all our seats get folded. Luggage trailer is available if needed.
  • Are you available at mid night or early morning?
    Yes, we are available 24 hrs.
  • Do you accept cash or EFTPOS?
    We accept both cash and EFTPOS. Its better if you pay by cash because card payments will incur five percent surcharge. However, You can still get tax invoice even if you pay cash
  • We are travelling with a child can you provide a baby seat?
    Yes, we certainly can provide you a child seat. We can also supply both rear, front facing child seat and a booster seat.


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