People find catching flights as one of the most stressful part of flying and sometimes if not prepared, it can make things worse. Getting a transfer to and fro Airport eases some of the worries of a traveler. It makes the move hassle-free and provides the best comfort all along the journey. 

Perth has some of Australia’s best city beaches and southwest of the city centre is Kings Park, which is an attractive picnic spot overlooking the city. There’s an excellent zoo on the south shore of the Swan River which is just a short ferry ride to Rottnest Island.

Rockingham is a primary centre in Western Australia south-west of the Perth city centre and south of Fremantle. Offshore to the north-west is Australia’s largest naval fleet and submarine base, Garden Island, connected to the mainland by an all-weather causeway. Travelers can take Airport shuttle Rockingham to Perth which moves via Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn Stand D6, Elizabeth Quay Bus Stn Stand C3, Carrington St before Rockingham Rd, and Rockingham Rd Before Hamilton Rd in around 2h 30m.

Perth Airport transfer offers quality of service and makes things run as smooth as possible. The chauffeurs are well trained, polite and courteous who help with invaluable Perth Airport Transfers. The easy to book shuttle pick and drop at the specified destination makes travelling a great experience.

Travel Modes:

Perth’s public transport network comprises of buses, ferries and trains. 


Buses form the backbone of Perth’s transport system. These buses are free within the central area. However, there are a couple of frequent bus routes confined to the free central area that are extremely popular with travelers. Perth’s bus network covers a large area with buses running as far afield as Rockingham and Mandurah.


Perth’s rail network consists of five lines. The most useful is the Fremantle line, which runs from the city centre to Fremantle via Cottesloe in approximately every half an hour.


Perth has a limited ferry service between Barrack Street Jetty in the city centre and Coode Street and Mends Street Jetties in South Perth. The Barrack Street Jetty to Mends Street Jetty ferry is a popular route for travelers visiting Perth Zoo. Ferries run around every 20 minutes.

Private Airport Transfers

Those who prefer not to have a shared shuttle drive, Airport transfer also provide passengers with transfer that favour personal vehicle hire without sharing the ride. They provide spacious, private vehicles with a driver to collect and offer pick-up and drop along with the luggage to the destination with the shortest possible route so that one can arrive at Perth without any hassle.

Pick-up points for transfers from Perth Airport:

Terminal 1 

Terminal 2

Terminal 3 & 4 

For a hassle-free move, people can wait inside Perth airport where the trained and professional chauffeur will take and escort to the shuttle bus. Thus, the shuttle service strives to connect the customers to any destination on time to their respective destinations.


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